A third generation family farm set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold Hills overlooking Broadway and the Vale of Evesham.

The Cotswolds are known around the world as a classic view of the English countryside. Their long association with the farming community has given the Cotswolds their name, 'cot' meaning sheep enclosure and 'wold' meaning hill.

The Cotswold escarpment of Oolitic limestone was pushed from the tropical seabed around 150 million years ago. It is this same stone that gives the houses their golden yellow hue.

Whilst the sheep have shaped the landscape for many generations, other crops also flourish on the free draining limestone soils.


DJI 0013 1400x225Growing Lavender

Lavender growing started here back in 1999 with just a few plants. The lavender loves the free draining limestone soils 1000 feet above sea level giving the best growing conditions for the best quality English Lavender Essential Oils.

The lavender has thrived here and we have kept planting more every year. We now have over 40 different varieties, some 140 miles of rows and over 500,000 plants in total.

At the peak of the summer sunshine the lavender is harvested and distilled by traditional methods and aged for a year before use.




Meet the Team

Hannah - runs despatch ensuring all orders are sent out swiftly. Hannah also runs the Shop and ShopTearoom, and acts as tour guide through the Summer for various visiting groups.

Stacey - looks after the office, accounts and sorts all the paperwork. Often the first point of contact for emails and phonecalls.

Charlie - the farmer who grows the lavender and oversees the business. Often seen on a tractor or lavender harvester, he also distills and cleans the oils.


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Family Stacey2