DestonerWe choose fields that are ideally south facing as they capture more sunlight in the summer. Lavender loves the free draining limestone soils and the poorest soils are the best places to grow lavender.

The ground is ploughed during the winter to let the frost kill many of the bugs and break the ground down naturally. In the Spring the field is cultivated to produce a fine tilth.

We then put a special machine over the field that buries all of the stones for us. All of the stones are left on the rooting zone, and fine friable soil is left near the surface for the plants to establish.

Plastic layerA strip of plastic 18 inches wide is then laid down the field. This warms the soil and also supresses weeds.
The sun draws moisture up under the sheet to give ideal planting conditions for the lavender.
Each row of plastic is 6 feet from the next. The tractor is guided by satellite so that all of the rows are parallel and the same distance apart to an accuracy of 1 inch.
The field is then left alone for around 2 months for the soil to settle ready for planting.