We are quite happy for people to take photos for non-commercial purposes by paying the standard entry fee.

You do not need to purchase an additional photography pass if the photographs will be for your own personal use.

Please note the photography pass only gives access to the main public field and only during the opening hours 10am - 5pm.

Access is not given to other areas.

Commercial Photography

Those wishing to use the lavender fields for commercial purposes such as professional photography, photography courses or wedding/family

photoshoots must register with us beforehand and purchase a photography pass for each day that they wish to use the fields.

If the photographs you have taken at Cotswold Lavender are to be used to promote you and your business then a pass is required.

If you are unsure then please contact us. The pass gives you access to the main public field between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Anyone working with the photographer and the clients of the photographer will need to purchase additional standard entry tickets.

Please arrange to meet your clients before entering the main field so you can give them their entry tickets.

If you wish to use the fields for larger shoots, such as fashion shoots or anything which may impact other customers, this must be discussed with the office beforehand.

Costs for commercial photography are as follows:

Photoshoots (Wedding/ Family Portraits etc): Photographer £45 / day - all others attending the shoot standard entry fee applies

Photography Workshops/Courses: £25 / person (including instructor) for full day entry. (10 am - 5 pm)

Professional Photographer: £45 per day. (10am - 5pm)


Book Commercial Photography Pass Here

Evening Photography

This year we shall be having 2 evenings open for photography between 7pm and 9pm on the 15th and 21st July.

There is a maximum 20 places available for each evening.

Entry is 6.45 - 7pm (7pm last entry)

This is for landscape / scenic photography for individual photographers and not portrait photography for groups.

Cost £60 per person

Other dates may be added.

Book Evening Photography Pass Here

General Terms and Conditions for all photography

Government Covid-19 guidelines must be followed at all times

All bookings must be made online as least 3 days in advance. Payment at time of booking

Please print out a copy of your booking and bring it with you as mobile signal here is poor. Passes will be issued from the entry kiosk.

Our opening dates 16th June – 5th August 2021 DOES NOT guarantee full flower for this whole period. There will be less colour at the beginning of the season and harvesting will be taking place duringthe last two weeks. This is weather dependant and refunds cannot be made if you consider the colour not good enough.

There is no access to the fields outside normal opening hours.

Only fields open to the public are accessible, there is no access to any other fields.

Commercial Photography 

You can purchase your clients tickets in advance on our website, these are issued on the day, from our entry kiosk, at the same time that you collect your photography pass.

Entry tickets purchased without a photography pass for the corresponding day will not be issued.

The pass does not give access to a private area. The general public are in the same field but there is plenty of space.  It is for you to find a suitable place for you and your clients.

Commercial Photographers with no prior agreement will be charged £90 on the day. If you are found to be using the premises without a permit you will be asked to leave immediately.

Please contact us by 9am by email on the date of your booking if you wish to change the date due to severe weather.

Refunds will be issued if we are unable to open due to Covid-19. 

Evening Photography

Entry is for photographers only, no portrait sessions / clients.

Entry 6.45 - 7pm.

Session lasts 2hrs, 7pm - 9pm

Cost £60 per person (non refundable)


Drones are not permitted over any of the fields at any time.

Entry Fees

We are open from 16th June until 8th August 2021.

We will stay open until 15th August if the weather is good

Opening hours 10am - 5pm.

Late night opening until 8pm - July  30 & 31st.

We are not selling tickets in advance. Please purchase your ticket on arrival

Card Payment only

Adults  £7.00

Children (5 - 15 yrs)  £3.00

Under 5's   Free

SEASON TICKET (valid from 16th June - end of open season 21)

Adults £17.50

Children (5 - 15yrs) £7.50

(Only Commercial Photographers need to purchase a permit in advance, please click here for details)