These are just a few of our favourite varieties. You can see them in flower in our “Test Beds” on the farm

We have a wide selection of lavender plants available when the shop is open

If you require a specific variety it’s always a good idea to give us a ring before visiting to check the particular variety is here in stock.

lavender variety dutchDutch - L. x intermedia
Height: 24 inches
Tall growth habit, mid blue flowers

lavender variety grossoGrosso - L. x intermedia
Height: 30 inches
Masses of dark blue flowers, most commonly grown commercial variety

lavender variety hidcoteGrosso - L.angustifolia
Height: 22 inches
Dark purple, well loved favourite. Versatile as a hedging or feature plant

lavender variety imperial gemGrosso - L.angustifolia
Height: 24 inches
Dark purple floers with dense mid green foliage

lavender variety lady annLady Ann - L.angustifolia
Height: 12 inches
Very compact plant with pale pink flowers

lavender variety little ladyLittle Lady - L.angustifolia
Height: 20 inches
Mid blue, raised locally, can sometimes flower twice if trimmed early in summer

lavender variety loddon blueLoddon Blue - L.angustifolia
Height: 16 inches
Bright violet blue with a neat rounded growth habit

lavender variety loddon pinkLoddon Pink - L.angustifolia
Height: 20 inches
Prolific pink flowers with an upright habit

lavender variety mailletteMaillette - L.angustifolia
Height: 20 inches
Vibrant purple flowers, favoured for its essential oil

lavender variety munsteadMunstead - L.angustifolia
Height: 24 inches
Rich violet blue with grey green foliage

lavender variety peter panPeter Pan - L.angustifolia
Height: 16 inches
Dark purple, ideal as a compact hedging plant

lavender variety roseaRosea - L.angustifolia
Height: 24 inches
Elegant pink flowers, superb summer colour